Corporate Sustainability Serial

Volume II, Corporate Sustainability Series Monographs: Corporate Sustainable Competitiveness: 8 Major Running and Management Strategies of Benchmark Businesses
Publisher & Editor in Chief Eugene Chien
Editor in Chief Yung-Shuen Shen
Language Chinese (Traditional)
Price NTD. 400-
Publication Date December 2016
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One of the critical strategies of sustainable development is faithful carrying out of corporate social responsibility as well as publishing Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR), also called Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (CSR Reports), to show commitment to carrying out social responsibility faithfully, and information disclosure activities on performance and results. Doing this not only can convey a business’ long-term economic cost, but also can attract investors’ attention.

The content of the volume uses corporate social responsibility as well as development of disclosure of non-financial and related standards and regulations as the main axis in the discussions. The objects of the volume are those who want to engage in CSR writing or business executives or those in charge of CSR reports and want to elevate their writing standards, or school students who want to engage in tasks related to CSR in the future.

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