Corporate Sustainability Serial

Volume IV, Corporate Sustainability Series Monographs: Guide to Corporate Sustainability – Stepping toward UN Sustainable Development Goals
Publisher & Editor in Chief Eugene Chien
Editor in Chief Yung-Shuen Shen
Language Chinese (Traditional)
Price NTD. 400-
Publication Date December 2017
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In order to effectively promote the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and vision of sustainable development goals, the UN has done it through international politics of periphery countries, business and financial related organizations, as well as through linking governments, businesses and  non-governmental organization of various countries to establish strategic partnerships and work hand in hand to promote those sustainable development goals.

The meaning of SDGs on corporate sustainability lies in interconnecting corporate sustainability issues with global sustainability issues, which can lead high-level business decision makers to enhance their degree in thinking about the depth of operating strategies and deepen the implication of corporate sustainability.

The content of the volume is divided into the two parts of “Current Development Condition and Trends” and “Corporate Sustainability Performance and SDGs.”


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