The Climate Change Painting Competition invites students in promoting water resource awareness through art drawings.

This will be the 11th Climate Change Painting Competition for Primary and Secondary School talents, with the total prize pool up to NT$220,000!

In face of increasingly severe global climate changes, how will the younger generation respond to critical climate conditions?

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The “Climate Change Painting Competition for National Primary and Secondary Students” has been an ongoing event for the past 11 years. Not only is this event well received by the public, but it has also accumulated participation from over 33,000 students. Registration for this year’s event will be open to the public starting today and will end on May 3rd (Monday).

For the first time ever, an international competition will be included. Both domestic and foreign students between Grade 1 and Grade 9 are encouraged to participate in this event, with the total prize pool up to NT$220,000 this year. In addition, award-winning artworks will get a chance to be featured in touring exhibitions held at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, The National Science and Technology Museum, as well as the Taipei Zhongshan Metro Mall!

“The Wonders of Water” is the theme of this year’s event, which mirrors the United Nations SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation for all), 13 (climate action), and 14 (life below water). Our goal is to raise the public’s awareness regarding important topics such as climate change, the ocean, as well as sustainable water resources. Water is essential for our daily lives, and the frequency of severe water scarcity in Taiwan has risen at an alarming rate in recent years. We believe that it is up to the government to address water shortage issues and hope that in the process of creating artworks, students will gain a better understanding of climate change and other relevant topics. Furthermore, it is our wish that the students’ artworks can encourage the public to take an active part in combating the climate crisis.

Ambassador Eugene Chien, Chairman of the event organizer Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), stated that water is the very core of sustainable development. Not only is it vital for both socio-economic development and the ecosystem, but it’s also key to adapting to climate change. He wishes for the reuse of water resources to lay the foundation for change and hopes that by holding this event, integration of environmental education can be achieved. The goal is to encourage students in deepening their understanding of climate change and reflect on environmental sustainability issues through artwork creation.

In efforts to go global, the “Climate Change Painting Competition for National Primary and Secondary Students” will be holding its first international competition this year. The TAISE has come up with a considerable prize pool in motivating students around the world to take action in combating climate change. This year’s international competition is a true testament to our dedication to environment sustainability as we continue to highlight its importance in aims to raise public awareness.

“The 11th Climate Change Painting Competition for National Primary and Secondary Students 2021” is organized by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and co-organized by Chung Tai Resource Technology CORP., Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Culture and Education Foundation and CTCI Education Foundation. Our sponsors are as follows: Artco Kids, Taiwan Soka Association, Taiwan Environmental Information Association, DR.JOU cosmetics, SEKKISEI SAVE the BLUE, EPSON, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, and National Science and Technology Museum.

Registration submission starts today and ends on May0 3rd (Monday). The total prize pool will be NT$220,000. For further details on the event and registration methods, please visit our event website: Alternatively, you may contact the Climate Change Painting Competition Team at +886-2-2768-2655.


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