“Our Ocean, Our Future” The Climate Change Painting Competition by Primary and Secondary School results announced.

Since 2009, in order to establish the foundation of environment education, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has continued to hold “The Climate Change Painting Competition” for primary and secondary schools and for this year, the contest has stepped into the tenth milestone. Based on the fact that Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, people are quite touched by the climate impact of the ocean. The theme of this year contest is “Our Ocean, Our Future”, is easier for students to integrate daily life and understand the importance of protecting the ocean environment. It can also integrate Break Free from Plastic movement into life and retrieve the blue sea for marine life. In addition, through painting, students can actually participate in climate action, and speak for the earth, so that environmental education is no longer a slogan, but can also exert sustainable influence through action.

“The Climate Change Painting Competition” for primary and secondary schools has stepped into the tenth milestone. This year, the theme of the competition is “Our Ocean, Our Future”, echoing the 13th and 14th items of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as "Climate Action" and " Life Below Water" and continue to take root in environmental education, and through the works of students, we call on the public to pay attention to the issues of climate change and ocean sustainability.

This competition is jointly directed by the Ministry of Education, the Environmental Protection Administration, the Ocean Conservation Administration and the Department of Environmental Protection by Taipei City Government. The contestants are from 23 countries and 22 counties and cities in Taiwan responded to a total of 1,462 schools, and the number of contestants is twice of last year that 8,660 students are registered. Furthermore, it included 212 students from mainland China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt and Belgium and other countries participated which obviously shows that the painting contest has been gradually internationalized. In addition, the total number of submissions is up to 6,624, of which 128 are works by overseas students that the composition of the winning works is very creative and ingenious and the interpretation of the ocean sustainability and the climate crisis is earnest.

The special invitation of Ark Ecological Art Co., Ltd. Executive Director Mr. Anderson Yang served as the judge, and invited the Chairman of the National Culture and Art Foundation, Ms. Lin Mun-Lee; the Chairman of the Tai-Yang Art Association, Mr. Wu Long-Rong; the Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts of National Taiwan University of Arts, Ms. Chen Kuang-Yi; the Director of the National Academy of Marine Research, Ms. Huang Hsiang-Wen; the President of the National Academy of Marine Research, Mr. Chiu Yung-Fang; the Curator of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Ms. Chen Su-Fen and Mr. Chiau Wen-Yan, Professor of the Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management by National Taiwan Ocean University, acted as jury members. We are appreciated all the associates for their assistance and work together to fight the global climate crisis.


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