Sustainability micro-movies expand corporate influence, 4th (2020) Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-movie Festival award winners revealed

Group picture of award winning corporates and award presenters

Organized by Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability and hosted by the Taiwan Institute Group picture of award winning corporates and award presentersof Sustainable Energy, the 4th (2020) Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-movie Festival was held at SPOT – Huashan on February 21.

The work “Home Run 2gether” from CTBC Financial Holding stood out from the works in the competition and won the Best Film award in the 4th festival, and Film of Excellence awards go to 5 works –  Pay It Forward from DBS Bank, Responsible, Thanks to Love_Sponsor baseball dream from Transglobe Life,  Living with the Ocean, Swim with the Fishes from Good Neighbor Foundation, Earthquake of Life from Tungho Steel. Among them DBS Bank, Tungho Steel, and Good Neighbor Foundation were all first-time contestants and their first shots were impressive.

Right after the award ceremony were corporate exchanges and keynote speeches. DBS Bank, nominated for many awards, and representatives from CTBC Finanical Holding as well as one professional sustainability judge, Gennie Yan of Veda International, were engaged in discussions. This year the organizer also invited Shary Lai, professional audio/video judge and Secretary General of Micro Movie Association, and Associate Professor Yaewei Wang of NCCU College of Communication to deliver speeches titled “Shot for Love – Enablement of Public Welfare by Corporate Audio/Visual Capability” and “Key Analysis of Micro-move successes” separately to share how to do it through micro-movie creations and delicate story telling to show achievements of corporate sustainability to the general public.

About 200 guests taking part in the 4th Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-movie Festival

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