2019 TCSA Judges Award Ceremony and Exchange Meeting Comes to a Smooth and Warm Ending

On Friday December 27,2019, The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS), and Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability (TACS) jointly held the 2019 TCSA Judges Award Ceremony and Exchange Conference at the Sherwood Taipei Ballroom. The event invited Carrefour Taiwan and Hotai to celebrate their achievements in promoting corporate sustainability. 24 excellent judges were praised at the event and a total of about 50 judges attended. The exchange was a successful one, under the conference’s warm atmosphere.

This year, the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) has entered its 12th year. From recruiting volunteer judges back in 2015, the awards now host over 1,000 qualified judges. Among them 24 of the judges had 100% of their reports and performance evaluations used by the TCSA, quite a hard-to-achieve result. Because of these judges’ incredible achievement, the award ceremony was held in their honor. The award certificates were presented personally by Ambassador Eugene Chien with pictures taken to commemorate the event and encourage these excellent judges.

Pic 1. Group photo with attending volunteer judges

Pic 2. (Starting from left) Yuh-Ming Lee, Secretary General at CCS; Yawen Kuan, Dept. Leader at Hotai Motor; Ambassador Eugene Chien; Director Marilyn Su at Carrefour Taiwan; and Professor Yung-Shuen Shen of TACS

Pic 3. Group photo of Ambassador Eugene Chien with awarded volunteer judges

Pic 4. Yawen Kuan, Evironment Facilities Department Leader at Hotai Motor, sharing the promotion achievements of “Hotai Motor x Hotai Dealers – Living Harmoniously with Nature (low carbon sustainability)”

Pic 5. Director Marilyn Su of Carrefour Taiwan shares her sustainability efforts and implementation goals