Grand Opening of the Second (2019) Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) Total elevation of sustainability vision of industry, government and academia – Focus on sustainable development issues from multiple angles

With the worldwide efforts in proactively dealing with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement with dedication to promotion of sustainable development and dealing with climate change issue. 2019 The Second  Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF), the largest Sustainability Forum in Asia hosted by the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A·SDGs) jointly organized by industry, government, academia and research institutes in Taiwan  was completed with success at Grand Hotel Taipei on November 28 and 29. Vice President of Taiwan, Chien-Jen Chen, President of the Legislative Yuan, Jia-Chyuan Su, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Wu, Chairman of the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Por-Fong Lin and many foreign ambassadors were present at the Forum. There were a total of 39 Board Chairmen, 1 Vice Chairman, 3 Directors, 44 General Managers, 42 Vice General Managers attending. The forum invited a large number of domestic and foreign benchmark companies present making the ceremony remarkable and made it a mega event rarely seen in the Asia-Pacific region and Taiwan.
Chairman of A‧SDGs Ambassador Eugene Chien expressed that this year’s sustainability forum addressed the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and invited more than 20 foreign guest speakers from more than 10 countries around the globe to deliver keynote speeches in the four main pillars of SDGs: Peace & Partnerships, Planet, Prosperity, and People. A total of 16 seminar sessions, workshops and symposiums in various forms were held during the forum. The series of topics in the Forum gathered global trends and issues to building knowledge which not only linked academic research around the world with the latest trends, but also promote knowledge sharing among the international community to implement sustainable developments and set a foothold in Taiwan to get a grasp of the unlimited business opportunities with a global view.

Vice President Chien-Jen Chen stated that it was his second time attending GCSF and also his fourth time in a row to take part in the award ceremony of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Dr. Chen strongly sensed the determination and dedication of Taiwan’s businesses to sustainable developments. He also appreciated that businesses treated implementation of social responsibility as a part in strengthening corporate sustainability competitiveness. Through constant improvement in ESG performance and quality of CSR reports, Taiwan’s businesses may integrate SDGs into their own core strategy and direction of operation which can be proven from the excellent performance in recent years by multiple international rankings such as DJSI and CDP.

President of the Legislative Yuan, Jia-Chyuan Su, expressed that the Legislative Yuan amended Company Act last year (2018) and formally included corporate social responsibility into its articles. Meanwhile the new version of Company Act places emphasis on friendly, innovative entrepreneurial environment, strengthens corporate governance, adds business operation flexibility, guarantee of shareholder rights, digitalization and paperlessness and creation of an internationalized environment. The impact of the revision covers more than 690,000 companies of various scales. This highlights the government’s emphasis on corporate social responsibility as well as the expectation of the people on businesses carrying out their corporate social responsibility faithfully to get in line with international fads and trends. Mr. Su not only recognized the efforts of the award-winning corporations, but also wished they would lead more businesses in getting involved in operations of sustainability issues.
Chairman Por-Fong Lin mentioned that Taiwan’s businesses should pick up their steps and ambition in SDGs as well as integrate with international standards. Companies serve as the pivot of economy and also play the center role unsustainable development for the world to achieve. Therefore, businesses should include SDGs in their development strategies, innovate and enact sustainability solutions, develop sustainability markets, commodities and services to provide consumers with diversified choices and apply these to design and plan the direction of development of the business. The Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce encourages businesses use business activities to actively dedicate to SDGs.

The award ceremony of the 2nd Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) as well as 12th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) was held during the forum. Vice President Chien-Jen Chen present awards including GCSA Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals, GCSA CSR Reporting Awards, TCSA Top Ten Most Sustainable Taiwanese Company Awards, TCSA Ten Foreign Most Sustainable Company Awards, and TCSA Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals. President of the Legislative Yuan, Jia-Chyuan Su and President of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), Lih-Chung CHIEN, in turn present awards including TCSA Comprehensive Performance, individual award categories as well as reporting awards to Taiwanese companies with excellent performance.
The Forum invited experts and professionals from more than 10 countries and regions including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia and Hong Kong that totaled around 100 international guests with more than 2,500 people taking part in the forum activities. The organizer A·SDGs expected that through this international grand event attendant could understand the excellent practices and business models of SDGs and CSR in the international arena. Moreover, through this world-class stage the international community could witness Taiwan’s best implementations of sustainability in various areas.

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