2019 Cross-Strait Forum – scholars from two sides of Taiwan Strait discuss climate change and energy sustainability strategies

      The 15th Cross-Strait Climate Change and Energy Sustainability Development Forum (2019) directed by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Division of Energy and Mining Engineering of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and hosted by National Taipei University and Climate Change and Energy Renewable Development Research Institute took place at Public Affairs Building, National Taipei University from Sep. 23 to Sep. 24. This year’s topic was Green Power and Low Carbon Management and the forum invited heavyweight scholars and experts across the Taiwan Strait to present their papers and share their research results. On the Chinese side there were 9 academics and professors from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes to share. On our side were board chairmen and presidents from Taipower, Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation, and Taiwan Cement as well as university professors to present their reports. There were 220 people counts in total attending and the achievements were quite splendid.