CTCI Circular Economy International Conference – experts and scholars from 12 countries on resource recycling and sustainable development strategies

    The CTCI Group has been dedicated to sustainable development in the four core issues of iEPC, green engineering, circular economy, and smart factories that echo the UN sustainable development goals. Circular Economy has been a task valued by countries around the globe. On the purpose of driving development of industries related to circular economy and promoting sustainability strategies for Taiwan’s circular economy, the CTCI Education Foundation, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Center for Corporate Sustainability, and National Taiwan University-Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering jointly held the 2019 International Conference on Integrated and Innovative Solutions for a Circular Economy with the hope to speed up and elevate Taiwan’s emphasis on circular economy in that through the efforts and innovative technologies infused from all walks of life, we can usher in industry transition to achieve the goals of circular economy and create a sustainable Taiwan together.


      This conference merged four major pillars: 1. governance and development strategies, 2. sustainable finance, 3. sustainable design and manufacturing process, 4. promotion of a green economy business mode. 31 well-known scholars from 12 countries were invited to publish new research papers and technology cases to explore obstacles to solution technology, finance, existing system and supervision. It was also on implementing development of a circular economy mode, promoting energy saving, reduction of of green house gases and other research cases. Also covered is by holding roundtable meetings to enact “circular economy suggestions” to marshal the power from all walks of life. Not only can this provide advice to the government, it can also make businesses, colleges and universities, as well as both domestic and foreign research institutes to conduct the most advanced strategies as well as exchange and interaction of technical solutions. The activity attracted a total of more than 160 people from industry, government, academia. And research with quite fruitful meeting results.