Elites from different disciplines get together at National University of Kaohsiung (NUK), seeing the outlook of sustainable future

For elevating understanding of the content of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) by universities, national education and business organizations as well as in-depth understanding and exchanges of the implementation efforts of the two sides of industry and academia currently, the CTCI Education Foundation, Center for Corporate Sustainability and National University of Kaohsiung jointly held 2019 Greater Kaohsiung Exchange Workshop on Joint Creation of Sustainable Future on 2F, Residence Creation Space of Library and Information Building at National University of Kaohsiung on Wednesday, August 14. The workshop attracted 79 people from industry, government and academia in total and facilitated education institutions, business organizations in merging SDGs into starting a school or goals of operation development. With values added to their own professional abilities and operational efficiency of the organization and then in a step further see new cooperation between industry and academia in sustainable innovations.   


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