5th "Climate Change and Sustainable Development Seminar"

Cooperating with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) organised the 5th"Climate Change and Sustainable Development Seminar" on 23-24/7. The theme of the seminar is "Deepening the partnership", most of the honorable guests from industrial enterprises, government, academy and research fields discussed the topics related to education, youth development and health. In the opening speech delivered by Ambassador Chien from TAISE, he agreed with the statement of "the value of sustainability is the paramount value of Taiwan", which was mentioned by the President Tsai Ing-wen. The process of establishing Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals(A.SDGSs) is contributing to the deep partnership.

Hou Sheng-mao, Director of Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital;Ching-Yi Lin,Sustainable Development Committee of Legislative Yuan;Director of Research centre of NKNU,Yeh Shin-cheng;Audrey Tang from Executive Yuan and a lot of renowned speakers who have contributed much on sustainable development, were invited to give the thought-provoking speeches for the Seminar. Great thanks are given to everyone who supported the Seminar, full registration was achieved within one week, we hope that the audiences can be inspired and realise more about the importance of the close relationship between partnership and sustainability.