"2019 International Youth SDGs Promotion Forum" was held in World Environment Day

"2019 International Youth SDGs Promotion Forum" was held by Junior Chamber International, Ping-chien(JCI) and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) in 6/5(Sun). With the great assist of Taoyuan City Government and Department of Youth Affairs, the activity was gracefully held in GRACE Wedding Garden.

Ambassador Eugene Chien put a strong emphasis on the 14th of SDGs--Life Below Water, he explained United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has regarded "Marine Debris Pollution" as one of the top 10 global environmental problems since 2014. He also took the report released by Ellen MacArthur Foundation(EMF) to stress the impact of water pollution on food chain. There are about 5 millions and 13 millions tons of plastic transported to the sea, the total weight will exceed that of marine lives. Worse, the harmful hormone may enter human body theough the food chain. Ambassador Chien showed the appreciation to 170 countries which promised to reduce the use of plastic products before 2030 in UN Environment Assembly. Moreover, he expected that Taiwanese and Japanese governments can contribute more to marine sustainability as they are island countries.