CCS and Far EasTone jointly holds 15th Board Meeting as well as CEO Lecture Hall – Perspective on vision of sustainable development in the new year

The Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS), being dedicated to promoting the UN sustainability development goals (SDGs) and helping Taiwan’s businesses to enhance sustainability competitiveness, held the 15th board meeting and CEO Lecture Hall in the first season of the year at Far EasTone on Thursday, January 24, 2019. Invited to the meeting were Commissioner Ting-I Chan of the National Communications Commission and Chairman Chin-Ho Hsieh of Investment Media and they delivered speeches entitled Digital Governance in the Post-Streaming Era, and Global Economic Trends & Investment Strategies in 2019 respectively in CEO Lecture Hall and the keynote speech session to those business owners and high-level managers. About 50 CCS member business directors and representatives were present and the atmosphere was quite a heated one.

Chairman of CCS, Ambassador Eugene Chien, expressed that the time has come to 2019 and the world is still full of uncertainties. From the US-China trade war to asset bubbling of economies, to epidemics and so on. The latest risk report from the World Economic Forum indicates that the top 10 possible risks in 2019 include extreme climate incidents, failures in slowing down and moderating climate change and other environmental issues. Even though the challenges we face are still very tough, the are also filled with unlimited opportunities. This is also the major reason the country’s industry, government, academia and non-profit organizations jointly formed the Alliance for Sustainability Development Goals (A·SDGs) and then immediately organized the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF). The hope is to make cross-disciplinary organizations in Taiwan exchange with the international community to engage in benchmarking and creating sustainable business opportunities together.

The CEO Lecture Hall session started with Chairman Chin-Ho Hsien of Investment Media sharing global economic trends in 2019 with member businesses that started from the current hot topic of US-China trade ware to analyzing the future trend of global stock markets and economic developments. He also touched on the direction for promoting Taiwan’s economic development  in the new year with emphasis on investment as Taiwan’s priority,

Fig 1. (Seated from left to right) Chairman Yao-Chung Chiang, Chairman Chin-Ho Hsieh, Ambassador Eugene Chien, Commissioner I-Ting Chan, General Manager Chee Ching, General Manager Humphrey Cheng, ex-Chairman Wen-I Wang

Fig 2. Ambassador Eugene Chien encouraging member businesses to take part actively in 2019 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum

Fig 3, Chairman Chin-Ho Hsien sharing future economic trends around the globe and Taiwan

Fig 4. Commissioner I-Ting Chan sharing issues like future digital economic development

Fig 5. General Manager Chee Ching welcoming directors and reps coming to Far EasTone