Eco Vadis Consultant Di-Han Yip visits the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy

EcoVadis Corporate Sustainable Procurement Division Consultant, Di-Han Yip, visited the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy on Friday, January 25, to discuss the status quo with Taiwan’s corporate sustainable development efforts and trends, as well as learning about TAISE activities and results in the field, while sharing about EcoVadis procurement management operations and principles.

TAISE Chairman, Ambassador Eugene Chien personally introduced the Center for Corporate Sustainability which has conducted over 200 events since 2018, including the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards, CSR Academic Paper Awards, and the Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Awards among other large scale sustainability awards. Dr. Chien also expressed Taiwan corporate sustainability operations related investment and involvement were accelerating daily, with global ranking of 7th place on the 2018 Bloomberg ESG Index, along with 12 Taiwan enterprises amongst the DJSI. Chairman Chien noted his aspiration to expand close ties with EcoVadis and work together hand in hand to promote procurement sustainable development activities.

Di-Han Yip shared about the founding in Paris of EcoVadis in 2007 and its 12 year history since, including cooperation with Nestlé, J&J, ING Bank, Coca-Cola,L’Oréal and 300 other major global publicly-traded enterprises, providing procurement CSR evaluation systems and logistics management platforms, including the three key steps of Overall risk analysis, Detailed due diligence and On-site verification, to assist corporate management of supply chain procurement CSR risks and enhance sustainability operations efficacy, while furthering enhancement of corporate goodwill and brand name image, and reducing overhead with concomitant expansion of operating efficiency. Mr. Yip expressed hope to expand their Greater China market presence and operations, and to penetrate the Taiwan market, aiming to cooperate with TAISE to hold workshops and Forums to assist corporations for exemplary procurement sustainability management leading to greater financial efficacy.