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December 17 22 year old Dutch youth unleashes the largest global Ocean Cleaning Program

Ocean waste pollution is one of the largest global issues, with accumulated ocean waste that directly threatens ocean ecology and the global environment. As a result of this, a 22 year old Dutch youth, Boyan Slat, has launched the world’s largest Ocean Cleaning Program.

Slat believes that rather than using the traditional methods of organizing fishing vessels to travel to collect trash, it would be better to use ocean currents and wind power to collect the “Pacific Trash Belt”, and deploy large fishing nets to centralize collection of waste with periodic removal by vessels. In promoting this program to the public, Slat has used audiovisual images for online donation efforts, generating NT$6 million in funding in only 15 days, while organizing a team of 60 volunteers. This practice of principled idealism has received widespread global attention and support, encouraging many others to join in the efforts. Slat was even awarded the 2014 United Nations Environmental Protection award.


Of course, these are only initial efforts, and many environmental protection experts and oceanographers remain skeptical, for example, regarding the issue of waste beneath the ocean’s surfaces, and possible ecological impacts from use of collection nets. But the program remains under development, and as long as we are committed to working together, there is hope that we can help contribute to the resolution of one of the world’s largest environmental problems: ocean waste.