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December 23 Green sports marketing/Sustainable use of gutter oil

Green sports marketing

When people talk about energy saving and carbon reduction actions, they would mostly think about industries like the common industry, energy industry and transportation industry and never think that the “sports industry” is also one of the major forces.

The founder of Golden 1 Center in California, USA, Vivek Ranadive vowed to  make the basketball court a high-tech green court. Golden 1 Center was rebuilt from the basketball center of Sacramento Kings. During the reconstruction, all the construction materials were reused and the derived waste materials were also all recycled and reused. On the roof of the court and nearby empty fields have been extensively installed with solar facilities that make the court use 100% solar power. It earned LEED Platinum certification in 2017 and was the first such LEED-certified indoor arena.

Apart from green buildings, the court also initiated sustainability activities  in local communities. For example, encouraging public and private community elementary schools to carry out a “deep immersion program”, visit organic farms, learn cultivation technologies related to organic farming. The food and beverages provided at the court are also made from crops within 150 miles to reduce carbon footprint and create excellent community sustainable development results.


Sustainable use of gutter oil
Carbon dioxide emissions by the global aviation industry account for about 3% of global emissions and have been a major concern in global carbon reduction tasks. How the aviation industry saves energy and reduces carbon will be a major issue that needs to be dealt with in the future.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines purchased 2000 tons of “gutter oil” from China in 2011 and converted it to aviation fuel and successfully made a trial flight. Yet in November 2017, flight HU497 of China’s Hainan Airlines also used biofuels with gutter oil bought from China Petrochemical Corporation and mixed with aviation fuel that reached a 15:85 mix. The flight was from Beijing Capital International Airport to Chicago O’Hare International Airport in the US that completed the first passenger flight for biofuels of this kind.

Aviation biofuels mixed with gutter oil has relative environmental values. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, it also symbolizes the starting point of a green aviation in the future.