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December 30 Sport and Sustainability

sports organizations in various countries have begun to respond to the concept of sustainable development: France Pong Ball Alliance signed Environmental Responsibility Treaty, the Treaty contains Bar Specification:

1. food sources conform to the sustainable food chain principles

2. 80% The transportation time requires a Low-carbon mass transit system

3. purchased products, 80% must choose to conform CSR Enterprise

4. reduce Daily from Waste

5. 60% items must use reusable material

6. Match Place to 100% Respecting the natural environment and protecting nature

7. increase the efficiency of water and energy use

8. hold at least one sustainable activity for the environment every day

9. Selection Campaign Ambassadors to promote sustainability and promote the concept of sustainable development

10. Barrier-free places for friendly people with disabilities in competition venues

11. be friendly and volunteer in competition

12. hold at least one cohesive activity

13. the principle of equality between men and women must be observed in competitions

14. organizational objectives should help promote the United Nations sustainable Development Goals SDGs

15 there must be at least one promotional campaign to increase awareness of sustainable development