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December 16 Coal-fired power generation and green fashion

Taiwan today (2017) The winter is plagued by air pollution, and coal-fired power is the most concerned about this wave of air pollution; coal-burning research organization "coal Seam Group" ( MacArthur Swarm ) publishes the world's first global report on the elimination of coal electricity. The report statesthat one-seventh of the world's coal-fired power plants have been eliminated by the 2010~2017 over the years, with more companies in Western Europe and North America, but more companies in Asia are actively expanding ( Contains the Taiwan Power company )Although President Trump of the United States has promoted the recovery of the coal industry, there are still state governments and AES,Berkshire Hathaway, Duke,NextEra,NRG and pseg energy companies, such as the, have changed their tune for environmental protection and have cut the 12~77 The amount of coal power in the%. Eight EU countries, including Britain and France, have also announced plans to eliminate coal-fired power plants in the 2030 year or earlier, as well as coal-fired power tightening in China and India.

Another issue is the promotion of green fashion, in recent years international chain apparel such as Uniqlo , ZARA fast fashion(fast fashion) strategy, the new style continues to attract consumers to buy, but this practice has caused environmental impact and loss of economic value; to Allen  MacArthur Foundation (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) A truck's clothes are discarded every second in the world, more than a year, the report says . 5,000 billion dollar worth loss in the past years (2000~2015) , global sales every year billions of items added to 1,000 billion, but the usage rate is not available 50% , this cycle of linear economy, need to change, import reuse concept or only rent do not buy to share the economy, transform into a green fashion of the recycling economy, bring better economic, environmental and social achievements.