Radio about Global warming

1071208 Chairman Chien Discusses: Green Economy and Climate Action Seminar


Development of the green economy has been an increasing priority since the Paris Climate Agreement. It creates opportunities for companies to move towards green practices and climate action, sharing opportunities and choices that Taiwanese companies have been involved in. Among the largest companies in the green economy, TSMC ranked second with high-efficiency electronics, energy conservation, and carbon reduction. If the companies are ranked on their energy consumption, Taiwan’s companies rank first, with about 18% of enterprises in contact with green energy. This shows that Taiwan has outstanding performance in the green economy. In addition, taking Taiwan's waste management and technology as an example, a total of 24 garbage incinerators can not only solve the garbage problem but also produce energy, and even export technical services to foreign countries.

In 2019, the European Union Business Association in Taiwan pointed out that the Taiwanese Government's proposal to develop green economy-related industries makes Taiwan a leader in global development.