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December 8 Dr. Chien’s Eco-report: When Indonesian fever is rampant


In the process of world economic development, the US flourished and climbed to the peak of the world after World War II, followed by Japan's post-war revival. In addition, the economic development of the four Asian dragons, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore has made them very prosperous.  In recent years the rise of the four BRIC countries—China, Brazil, India and Russia—has been important globally. Now the VIP nations—Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines—have come into focus. Six months ago, USA TODAY reported that Indonesia is currently the world's hottest investment target, i.e., Indonesian economic fever is rampant. Indonesia is undergoing tremendous change since its economy began to take off.  Its democracy, urban style, and social atmosphere are giving it an increasingly greater international status. As a young and energetic country, Indonesia is on an upward path of economic development, which contains a lot of investment opportunities that other countries do not want to miss out on.  For Taiwan, the rise of Indonesia affects Taiwan’s position in the world, and Taiwan must decide whether to try to control Indonesia’s rise.