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December 29 Dr. Chien’s Eco-report: Facing up to climate change adaptation and adjustments


Climate change remains a persistent agenda item in the United Nations. In 2007 the UNFCCC meetings in Bali, established the Bali Road Map, emphasizing a combination of reductions and adaptive adjustments as the two key approaches. In terms of adjustment efforts, measures such as handling of climate crises and disasters, and for the normalization of otherwise aberrant weather patterns, local efforts were deemed most naturally efficacious for adaptation. The US have slated climate change as one of their key governance focal points for the next four years of the second Obama administration, and similarly in response to climate change, our cabinet, the Executive Yuan, on June 25, 2012 approved our Domestic Corporate Climate Change Adjustment and Adaptation Program, including disaster handling, disaster preparedness and response, re-evaluation of infrastructural continuity measures, infrastructure rebuilding capacity, water resources, land use, and public land rezoning, requiring cross-agency support from the Ministry of the Interior and Council of Agriculture. Moreover as an island surrounded on all sides by the ocean and seas, preservation of our coastal ecology poses particularly cumbersome challenges as this precarious environment witnesses daily erosion. Adaptation and energy resources, agricultural production, biodiversity, and health, are all closely related to our lifestyles, requiring collaboration from public policymakers and the civic sector, and NGOs to mobilize the entire populace for the sustainable environmental revolution.