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December 14 Dr. Chien’s Eco-report: 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy completed the “2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” on November 29, with Vice President Ten-yih Wu presiding to present the awards. Over the five years TAISE has been pleased to host the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards, which were expanded in 2013 in response to the prevailing global trends and now renamed the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards”.


As a result of the increased participation in the event, besides selecting the “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards”, additional recognition was provided for twenty enterprises through awards for “Climate Leadership”, “Sustainability Innovation”, “Transparency and Integrity”, “Creativity in Communications”, and “Social Inclusion”.


This year’s participants represented 61% of Taiwan’s GDP, and among the 58 participating enterprises, some 71% of Taiwan’s GDP has been represented to date with a total of 85 different firms participating over the years with 154 different submissions. This year also marked the first time that central ministries participated with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare entering, evincing the evolution of the emphasis that our public policymakers put on advancing and adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance and information transparency through public reportage to all stakeholders. 


The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, hope to provide a global standard for examining efforts to meet corporate social responsibility and learn from corporate lessons, allowing enterprises to use reporting efforts along with social and employee communication, to help foster channels for corporate efforts designed to enhance corporate progress, improve corporate standards, and accelerate Taiwan’s continuing growth in a positive direction.