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December 28 Dr. Chien’s Eco-report: ISO50001 Management System

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) promulgates ISO5001 Energy Management System in year 2001 to help businesses increase energy efficiency, reduce management cost, improve energy performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Later as the post-Kyoto Protocol was slated to be implemented in year 2020 and become legally binding, countries in the international community started to devote themselves to the job of energy saving and carbon reduction. In order to achieve the goal of carbon reduction, two common measures are seen, one is elevation of energy conversion rates and the other is lowering of the amount of energy used.


For the sake of reducing the amount of energy use nationally, the Bureau of Energy promotes the ISO50001 standards domestically. Over the years the achievements could be seen in areas like providing energy saving technical services to businesses, driving businesses to implement energy saving measures voluntarily, and ensuring energy checking and control. In 2013 the Bureau helped 25 different industries in total. Among them, 20 businesses are in the service industries and 40 are in the manufacturing industries. In total the reduction is thirty-four thousand kiloliter oil equivalent and ninety-two thousand tons of carbon dioxide as well as saving 522 million NTD in expenditure. The achievement is certainly tremendous.


In the education system, schools in the college level and above specifically consume a huge amount of energy. In Taiwan there are 166 schools in the college level and above and they consume 2.1 billion kilowatt hours of electric power per year. The effect of the promotion is specifically outstanding in this regard. Take Yuan Ze University in Taoyuan for example, starting from 2008 to 2013, the University constructed two new buildings. Not only has the number of students been increased, but also teaching activities have been increased. Yet on the contrary the water and electricity bills have been decreased that shows the achievement of energy saving in universities is enormous.


For a business to be able to stay sustainable, the most important thing is the success of energy use transition. However with economic growth usually comes increase in energy consumption. Therefore it is quite difficult for businesses and factories to achieve carbon reduction. It takes the joint effort of all the businesses and the government sector to achieve the goal of “reducing the amount of energy used without affecting growth” in order to carry out the projected goal of carbon reduction to be set forth by the post-Kyoto Protocol.