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December 20 Total Resolution: UNFCCC

The UNFCCC COP20 taking place in Lima, Peru in 2014 came to a formal close at 2am, December 14 local time. This meeting was preparation for the signing of the Post-Kyoto Protocol in the 2015 Paris meeting with the goal of coming up with a complete draft through the meeting.

The meeting asked each country to enact and submit a carbon reduction strategy by March 31, 2015 to lay down the foundation for the Paris climate meeting to be held at the end of that year, Many countries also promised to donate to the Green Climate Fund. The Fund was set up for the purpose of raising money jointly by developed countries and helping developing countries to cope with the impact brought by climate change through various plans and policies. Currently the fund being raised is over 10 billion USD.
One of the conditions for the Kyoto Protocol to enter into force is that more than 55% of the total greenhouse gas emissions from member countries listed in Annex I have ratified it with the USA occupying 16%, China 26%, and the EU 13%, making a total of 50% from the three parties to play a crucial role in the success of the Kyoto Protocol. Among them the USA and China published their targets in the 2014 APEC meeting. The USA promised to reduce her greenhouse gas emissions by 26% compared the 2005 levels. China also announced her peak carbon emissions would be reached in 2030 and will raise the ratio of non-fossil energy. The European Union also raised her carbon emission targets. As such the international community holds an optimistic attitude toward the signing of the post-Kyoto Protocol in 2015.