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December 27 From Corporate Sustainability Reports to Corporate Sustainability

Publication of corporate social responsibility reports has been one of the major tasks of international corporate operations and it serves as a bridge between the general public and the corporates. The purpose is to highlight the core values and principles of the strategies of corporate sustainable operations and show the achievements of a company in the aspects of corporate governance, society, and environment that makes employees and the public understand the corporate goal and endeavors closer to promote raise of the overall productivity.

With the UN at the helm, corporate sustainability has been a fad and trend in the world. Big companies and transnational companies start to publish CSRs one after another competitively. By the end of 2013 the percentage of the world's top 100 and 250 major corporates publishing corporate social responsibility reports were as high as 71% and 93% respectively. On the other hand, the number of mandatory policies and laws relating to promoting CSRs by governments around the world have also increased significantly. In 2006 there were 58% of countries with mandatory publication of CSR reports and the percentage had risen to 72% in 2013.

The implementation of corporate social responsibility is no longer confined to charity donations, but is rather about using its core ability to improve the social environment. Domestic corporates should take part in it actively and promote sustainability information disclosure activities in order to raise understanding and concern of this issue by all walks of life.