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November 21 Circular Economy Cities

"Circular economy" is different from "linear economy" that immediately goes into production and use after the resource is developed and acquired, and discard it at the end. Circular economy is devoted to making sure all kinds of resources used can be recycled and reused, and achieve zero waste in order to create higher values and reduce the impact on the environment.


Take the British aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce for example, it sells "Power by the Hour" to aircraft manufacturers in that when an engine reaches end of life, Rolls-Royce would recycle the engine, disassemble it, and then reassemble a new engine from usable parts of the old engine. This emerging mode of business of "leasing" products to replace "selling" has successfully reduced resource consumption and waste generation. Meanwhile it also greatly lowers the hassles of corporate procurement and inventory management caused by fluctuations in raw material prices.