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December 5 2015 Forum on Spiritual Education and Environmental Sustainability

The Bliss and Wisdom Foundation of Culture and Education and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy joined forces November 7 and 8 to host the “2015 Forum on Spiritual Education and Environmental Sustainability” at the Howard Civil Service International House, Taipei, with John Robbins, the author of “Diet for a New America”, along with Nanhua University President Tsung-ming Lin, Yen Chang-shou, Chairman of Public Platform Cultural Foundation, Dr. Lee Si-chen Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, President Yao Li-te of the Taipei University of Technology, Vice Minister En-Ling Lin of the Ministry of Education, President Chao-hsiang Yang of Fo Guang University and former Education Minister Huang Jung-tsun, and assembled notable academics sharing in discussions about spiritual culture, service ethic, environmental sustainability and other trending new ecological topics.


Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien was also invited to appear at the event to speak on the theme of “Welcoming Global Purification of Taiwan- 2015 as the United Nations Year for Sustainable Development Goals”. He noted that along with concomitant economic development and population growth, humanity faces severe problems with the increase of the impoverished population, environmental degradation and pollution, resource exhaustion, and climate change issues. So the United Nations has begun to emphasize whether the planet can enjoy sustainable development, and from January 2013, the UN undertook study of Sustainable Development Goals, announcing on September 26, 2015, the adoption of a resolution by the 69th UN General Assembly providing establishment of 172 Goals and 169 detailed items in the three pronged themes of the “Environment and Resources”, “Man and Society”, and “Economy and Governance”, which aim to exercise significant influences on sustainable development in the major nations of the world.