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About us


The globalization of sustainability concepts and economic acitvities have made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focused worldwide. Many international companies have begun to give weight to CSR, regarded now as one of the key strategic activities of business operations in economic activities. Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR) or Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (CSR Reports) refer to the information disclosure activities carried out by companies to demonstrate their commitment, performance and results in fulfilling their social responsibilities, presented with digital information such as published CSR Reports and web pages.

The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) aims at encouraging companies to boost the quality of corporate sustainability issues and disclose the quantity of corporate governance information, so as to strengthen its emphasis and engagement on maintaining sustainable development, a friendly environment and a public prosperous society. We have been holding the "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards" (TCSA) for the past 14 years, and organizing corporate sustainability report seminars to provide domestic companies with a platform for information exchange and reports emulation. These seminars were warmly received from the companies and community respectively. A total of 364 companies have applied for the award over the years, and the annual total turnover ratio of the nation’s 2019 GDP is 145%. To ensure that the judging and selection process are fair, honest and transparent, in 2020, an impressive judging pool of 668 members sharing in the evaluation work, composed of 486 volunteer judges and 182 scholars and experts, has been reached in order to achieve certain objectivity.

Since 2016, the Association has established the "Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability"(TACS), which continues to promote the award selection, featuring four major award categories: the "Corporate Comprehensive Performance" to encourage companies to implement a sustainable performance; the “Best Performance of Specific Category” for each individual performance evaluation; the “Corporate Sustainability Report” with corporate information disclosure, and commends corporations which are committed to promoting the company’s efforts towards sustainable development; “The Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals Awards” is bestowed for contributing outstanding and exemplary individuals. In 2018, in conjunction with the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF), a grand award ceremony had been held three times to commend Taiwan's exemplary sustainable corporations.

The "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards" (TCSA) is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The association invites domestic and foreign corporations, hospitals and educational institutions to collaborate and expand and continue to promote CSR notions, to play a leading role and exert a positive influence on society, to cooperate with companies to contribute to the sustainable development in Taiwan, and move towards a sustainable and bright future!

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