About us

About us

About Us


The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs) has been established to provide an IT and resource sharing platform to foster Taiwan’s sustainable development, and as a common effort across diverse fields of endeavor and among concerned stakeholders including corporations, government entities, academia and research, and non-governmental organizations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.



  1. Industry, government agencies, academia and research institutions, and NGO/NPO leading the entire populace toward achieving the SDGs.
  2. Establishing joint corporate sustainability awareness for efficacious in enhancing brand’s value. 
  3. Offering matchmaking for green business opportunities and maximal platform efficacy.
  4. Strengthening comprehensive competitiveness, while pursuing common bonds to penetrate global markets.

Action Plan

  1. Enhancing the populace’s awareness of sustainable development.
  2. Uniting of all stakeholders, to endeavor for all walks of life’s cooperation.
  3. Realizing university sustainable development and promotion sustainability education.
  4. Assisting in improving sustainable development capabilities and establishing partnership.
  5. Continue advancing the sustainability movement, while fostering all stakeholder for cooperation and services provision.