About us

About us

About Us



Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)  was initiated and funded by the advocates of sustainable energy and was officially approved for founding on October 31st 2007.We aiming to facilitate research and development of sustainable energy and promote sustainable energy infrastructure. Under the leadership of Chairman Eugene Chien Y. H., there are currently five major units under the Department of Administration and Management: Department of Planning,Center for Corporate Sustainability(CCS), Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards(TCSA), Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability(TACS),and Office of Net Zero Initiative.


TAISE currently has asset and cash totaling NT$ 100 million; in which, the Greater Taipei Gas Co., Ltd., Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., and Taiwan Shin Kong Security & Insurance Company, each donated NT$ 30 million, and the Chairman of Shin Kong Financial Holding, Mr. Eugene Wu, personally donated NT$ 10 million. TAISE was registered under such funding.


Founding Mission


I. Organize sustainable energy technology development related forums and conferences.
II.Publish sustainable energy technologies development related journals and books and set up a website.
III.Collect and analyze information regarding energy technologies, policies, industries, and business intelligence and establish an information platform.
IV. Award and sponsor energy technology and corporate sustainability related research.
V. Promote exchanges with international energy institutions and establish an international cooperative mechanism.
VI.Conduct Sustainable Energy Education and Promotion.
VII. Conduct other works related to research and applications of energy technologies and corporate sustainability.