About us

Education & Promotion Committee

The Education & Promotion Committee operates under the leadership of the Chairman, Professor Hsiao-Kan Ma, and numerous leading experts from a noteworthy assemblage of academic institutions. Focusing on development of sustainable energy technology leaders and resources, environmental protection educational outreach, and efficacious deployment of television and radio broadcasts and online multimedia, to reach the public with latest domestic and international sustainable energy and climate change information, with tailored content designed to appeal to different social strata and stakeholders through a variety of outreach activities.

1.Hosting sustainability and alternate energy discussions with high school and college students, designed to reinforce student’s understanding and support for environmentalism, and developing our future domestic sustainable energy technology leaders.

2.Assisting public policymakers and industry to promote sustainable energy and climate change related education.

3.Conducting public art competitions to encourage junior high school students to enjoy opportunities to better appreciate the environment and climate change, while deploying their soft power through artistic innovation and expression to better our world.