About us

Academic Review Committee

The Academic Review Committee is led by the able Chairman. Professor Ben-chi Chiang, and enjoys membership of outstanding academics from a wide variety of disciplines representing numerous prestigious institutions of higher learning. Through their work in organizing international conferences and academic forums with domestic and international scholars, the Committee stimulates greater awareness and exchange about sustainable energy issues, providing critical perspectives to inform public policymakers promotion of technical and administrative strategic measures.

1.Emphasizing a balanced consideration of sustainable energy and environmental protection, in the 
   constant search for sustainable development.

2.Assisting public policymakers in establishing sustainable energy policy and ensuring strategies 
   and measures meet the triple objectives of being efficacious, clean and stable. 

3.Promoting the development of sustainable energy technologies. With a core focus on attaining
   energy savings and carbon reduction as the key goals for promoting innovative energy 
   technologies, along with a strong emphasis on promoting alternate energy, new energy uses, 
   and energy-saving technologies.

4.Collaborating with public policymakers to establish international academic exchange and 
   cooperative research mechanisms, facilitating realization of domestic sustainable technology 
   leadership training plans, to develop green industries and ensure the solid foundations for our 
   sustainable development.