About us

Corporate Sustainable Development Committee

The Corporate Sustainable Development Committee enjoys the fine leadership of the Chairman, Professor Yung-Shun Shen, and membership of numerous experts from industry, academia, the public sector, and the research field. Key Committee responsibilities include promotion of disclosure of industrial environment and sustainability information, corporate sustainable development reportage evaluations, promotion of cooperative education efforts with industry and academia, instilling corporate environmentalism, hosting corporate sustainable development related workshops and discussions, assisting domestic industry to acquire the latest corporate sustainability information and trends, and ensuring domestic responsiveness to vanguard efforts in faithful stewardship to meet our global citizenship duties for corporate social responsibility.

1.Promoting industry environmental sustainability information disclosure and corporate sustainable development reportage evaluations.

2.Promoting cooperative education efforts for industry and academia, and instilling corporate environmentalism.

3.Regular conduct of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development related moderated discussions.

4.Establishing a key platform for domestic and international firms to share experiences in corporate sustainable development, also permitting us knowledge of the latest corporate sustainability information.